Fourth Caption Contest Finalists!


[There's still time to get your vote in if you haven't already! We'll lock this one down at noon Sunday.] Thanks to all who entered our 4th Caption Contest. Now the fun really begins: it's up to YOU to pick the winner. As with last time, each finalist is labeled with a letter. All you have to do is decide which is the best (whatever your definition of "best" is), and drop your ballot in the comments below. As always, one vote per person.

And the 8 finalists are"¦

a) Julie entered: "Anthropology seemed like a good major at the time"¦" b) Sara entered: Ever since he read that Darwin book, he's been convinced he's his keeper's Brother. Some family business, hmph.c) Autumn entered: Harriet was aware of her husband's fondness for late-nineteenth century hand-cranked organs. His fondness for capuchin monkeys, on the other hand, came as quite the surprise.d) JeffComedy entered: "Look, I know they just proved you guys have better short term memory, but that doesn't make you superior all of a sudden. I have opposable thumbs and you still have A PREHENSILE TAIL!"e) Ben entered: "I always told myself I wouldn't spend my life wearing this monkey suit."f) Christina entered: "You know, somtimes I just feel like I am pandering myself for a living and that they're making a monkey out of me."g) Mike entered: "What can I say. He earned enough to buy me out and offered to keep me in the organization."h) Kat entered: "I don't think Emerson was making a suggestion when he said "Slavery is an institution for converting men into monkeys."