Weekend Genius Challenge #11: More Four-Letter Words


This weekend's Genius Challenge will challenge your creativity as well as your smarts. Here's what I'd like you to do:

Comment to this post with a single sentence made of four-letter words. Not dirty four-letter words, mind you... but just four letter words. In fact, your sentence can contain nothing but four-letter words. Not a single "I" or "the" or "hornswoggle" will be acceptable, sorry. Proper names are fine. And, just to show I'm the sporting type, I'll even allow contractions and abbreviations (like "can't" and "ASAP") as long as they contain four letters.

The object here is not to be longwinded, but clever. Got it? A single sentence constructed of only four-letter words. One entry per person, and please remember to include the style and size of T-shirt you'd like along with your comment. As always, we must approve comments before they appear, so don't worry if your entry doesn't show up right away. I'll get to it as soon as I can (unless football is on, of course, but how often does that happen over the weekend?).

We'll vote on the entries during the day Monday and announce a winner Tuesday morning. (Make sure your entries are original, too... we'll check!)

Good luck!