Starbase Dental, or: when your doctor's office has a theme


Back when I was getting paid to scour the earth for Trekkies, I naturally tried looking up the cast of the 1999 documentary, Trekkies. There were many stand-outs who were lovingly showcased in all their fan-tastic glory, but perhaps none so brilliantly as the Orlando-based dental office, Starbase Dental, where the hygienists have been known to rock Enterprise jumpsuits and you can watch sci-fi films as your molars are tapped for decay. hence some of the minor renovations (and aren't posters of grinning wookies just so magically able to walk you through any amount of pain?).

I'm all for theme offices, absolutely. And if you're going to go for it, I think you should go all out. But some doctors offices have the worst interior decorating, and some I've been in are just plain disturbing. Like the supposedly beloved NYC OB/Gyn whose office walls were plastered with framed pictures of trophy hunting coups right next to the requisite licenses. Classy. Oh, and an autographed shot with Mel Brooks. Didn't quite set the tone I was hoping for, but what are you gonna do? Anyone else have opinions about the decor of doctors' offices?