December 18, 2007

Miss Cellania

Geeks are smart, sweet and suddenly sexy. What's not to love? The world is catching up with what some of us always knew.

10 ways to reduce stress and avoid burnout. The hectic holidays are a great time to start these habits, and to reap the benefits.

6 Things to Remember When Cramming for Finals. One I would add from personal experience is to NOT fall asleep during the test!

A three-pound rat was discovered in western New Guinea, Indonesia, which may be a previously-unknown species. It's five times the size of regular city rats, and has no fear of humans, which sounds like a good premise for a horror film.

Want someone to remember your face? Smile. Smiling faces are easier to remember, which flies in the face of the "no smile" rule for passport photos.

Speaking of smiling, here are The Many Faces of Joker, from a 1940 comic book to Heath Ledger. Bonus: Here's an image of the even earlier character who inspired the creation of The Joker.

Witty shopping bags. The kind that make you want to buy something just to get the bag!