For those of you who missed Miss Cellania's fun post yesterday listing 10 Alternative Electronic Gifts, go check it out here. I'd been meaning to write a similar post, but she not only beat me to it, she did a much more comprehensive job than I would've.

But there are two that were left off the list that I'd like you all to know about, in case you're still having a hard time deciding what to get your kids, spouse, friend (or even yourself) this holiday season.

First we have the super-cool, 007-esque rechargeable USB Cell AA Batteries. I'm buying these for my wife, who has a wireless mouse that seems to need new AAs more often than an SUV needs fill-ups.

laptop400.jpgBefore turning in for the night, you flip back the tops and recharge them in your computer's USB slots. Five hours later, the Nickel Metal Hyrdrides are good to go.

lrg-1-dragonfly.jpgThe second, Flytech's Dragonfly, deserves attention if only because of this line, which I heard on their TV commercial: "Powered by technology, inspired by biology," which seems very Flossy. You can catch the commercial on their Web site and see what all the fuss is, or just take my word for it: a cooler-looking radio-controlled insect you've never seen! I'd get one for my son Jack, only I think the brilliance of "˜em would be lost on a four-month-old.