Attack of the Killer Parasites


Hey everybody, it's time for another original mental_floss video! After resting on our proverbial laurels for awhile after the great response we got to our debut opus, "Famous Last Words," we figured it was high time we got off our overeducated duffs and made another one. This time, though, we gave ourselves one heapin' helpin' of a creative conundrum: to make this video using only found footage. That's right: except for a few title cards and the voiceover, this one's created entirely from public domain footage from crazy old b-movies, forgotten creature features and cheesy instructional films, much of it culled from the amazing Prelinger Archives.

The subject? We took our inspiration from a spine-chilling mental_floss article about horrifying parasites (reposted here on the site today) and how they secretly rule our world -- outnumbering other forms of life many times over -- as well as our bodies and our minds. A terrifying concept indeed -- and quite possibly the perfect concept for a horror film! But instead of making the whole two-hour feature (er, let's just blame the writer's strike), we made the trailer instead. Enjoy -- and please comment, both here and on YouTube!