December 24th, 2007


Holiday Hacks: 12 Radical (and Slightly Naughty) Ways to Stay Productive. The question is: Who in their right mind would want to stay productive during the holiday season?

How to perform head tracking and create desktop virtual-reality displays using the Nintendo Wii. Watch the video and it will all make sense.

The history and evolution of Census-Taking. It's gone from a sin to a state secret to a political bone of contention.

Santa Claus originated far away from Japan, and sometimes the details get lost in translation. See the Top Ten Strange Santas from Japan, including versions from monster movies, martial arts, anime, and of course, Hello Kitty!

Thomas Edison's Top 5 Tips for Success. Great concepts of how to live your life, distilled into a quotes with a short explanation for each.

The most spectacular places to ring in the New Year. Oh sure, Times Square is there, but it's not the only party in the world.

The Best of Christopher Guest. Four videos of such dry parody that many people think twice before realizing how funny they are.