Just say snow

Mangesh Hattikudur

Looking through the wintery archives at the always-terrific Cellar, I stumbled into this great photo. The shot is of more than 8,900 people setting a snow angel record in North Dakota a little over 10 months ago. What's most stunning about it though isn't that so many folks gathered for the event, but that the people of Bismarck hope this will change public perception of the place. According to a USA Today piece:

Edna Arvidson, 84, of Bismarck, said she participated in the city's [previous] record setting event in 2002. "It's fun and puts us on the map," Arvidson said. "People think there's nothing going on up here."

Edna makes a good point. I guess most people just don't know about Bismarck's legendary Super Slide Amusement Park.