USA Today, my #1 source for all lobster-inspired technology, is reporting that a California company has co-opted "crustaceans' uncanny ability to see through dark, cloudy, deep sea water" as their inspiration for a new X-ray device. The hand-held tool, dubbed the LEXID (Lobster Eye X-ray Imaging Device) can actually see through wood, concrete and even steel, and it's hoped that Homeland Security officials will use it to locate everything from caches of weapons to terrorists on the lam. But don't pigeon-hole the product just yet. Company officials expects that it won't just be government men and women wielding LEXIDs in the future. According to the piece, "they hope to make it inexpensively enough so that it could have wide commercial appeal, including to pest control companies and contractors who need to look inside walls for rats or pipes." I'm just hoping they're not including paparazzi and frustrated voyeurs in this future target market as well. Link via TheRawFeed.