The Weird Week ending December 28th

Miss Cellania

Christmas Cards Arrive from Dead Man

Chet Fitch was known for his sense of humor. He died in October at age 88, but 34 of his friends received Christmas cards from him with the return address "Heaven." It came out that Fitch had planned the after-death Christmas cards beginning twenty years ago by arranging for his barber to do the mailing.

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Squirrels Use "Snake Perfume" to Fool Predators

California ground squirrels and rock squirrels chew on discarded rattlesnake skin, then smear it on their fur. The result is that they smell like rattlesnake instead of squirrels, which may protect them from snake attack. The study was published in the journal Animal Behavior.

Woman Stays in Wal*Mart for Three Days

Police said a 70-year-old woman spent three days inside the Wal*Mart store in Lilburn, Georgia sleeping, shopping and eating at a fast-food outlet. When asked what she was doing, she replied, "Shopping." The unidentified woman was escorted home after making her purchases.

We Interrupt This Program....

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Anchor Ravi Baichwal was on-air live during the 10PM newscast Sunday at channel 7 in Chicago, when a minivan crashed through the studio wall! The interruption became the news as it happened. The driver, 25-year-old Gerald Richardson, said he "wanted to be on the news."

Man Spent Christmas Eve Trapped Upside Down in Septic Tank

77-year-old Robert Schoff was just trying to clear a clog in his septic tank when he took a tumble and fell in head first. He became stuck with his feet in the air for an hour before his wife came to look for him. She couldn't get him out and called emergency personnel, who succeeded in pulling him out.

"I thought it was the end of my life," he reflects. "Thank God my wife saw me. I don't think I could have stood staying in there much more." "It was the worst Christmas Eve I've ever had."

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Spiderman Joins the UN

Spiderman has a new mission: to improve the image of the United Nations. The UN will team with Marvel Comics to produce a comic book in which superheroes such as Spidey help peacekeepers battle evildoers in a fictional war-torn country.

UFO Debate Invades Japanese Politicians' Space

A debate over flying saucers has kept Japanese politicians occupied for much of this week. An opposition leader demanded the government confirm the existence of unidentified flying objects. Several government officials gave differing answers, which tied up legislative business and kept the news outlets busy.