When anti-poop signs go overboard

Ransom Riggs

I love taking pictures of weird signs I find around my neighborhood. Despite a few great recent finds, however, the best sign I ever photographed was one I stumbled across years ago, when I was 13 or 14 years old. A redneck neighbor had gotten fed up with dogs emptying their bowels on his lawn, so he hand-made one of the angriest, most aggressive anti-poop signs I've seen to this day (the picture of which I dug out and scanned while home for the holidays):

Despite the sign being there for well over a year, I never heard about anyone's head getting blown off. (I s'pose that was the end of his doggy-doo problem -- as well as any impromptu drop-ins by charities, the Girl Scouts or neighbors bearing fruitcakes and cups of sugar, I imagine.) You've got to ask yourself, which is worse: the doo, or outing yourself as a lunatic? (Speaking of lunatic, by the way, don't you love that after that intense diatribe, Mr. Brandy signed his name in delicate cursive?)

Share your dog-doo stories here! What's the craziest anti-poop sign you've seen (or made)? Was this guy within his rights to threaten his neighbors (me included) with decapitation via handgun, or did he go overboard?