Greatest Hits of '07: "Invisible" LOL Cats

Chris Higgins

As we near the end of 2007, I'm re-posting a few fun posts from earlier in the year. Here's one of my favorites from April.

Yesterday we introduced you to LOL Cats, today it's time to dig deeper. It's hard to create a firm timeline of how these images evolved, but it appears that one of these two images created a subgenre of LOL Cats, which I refer to as "Invisible" LOL Cats:

Invisible Bike
Invisible Bike /

More "Invisible" LOL Cats after the jump.

Invisible Harmonica
Invisible Harmonica /
Invisible Accordion
Invisible Accordion /
Invisible Piano
Invisible Piano /
Invisible Pogo Stick
Invisible Pogo Stick /
Invisible Shopping Cart
Invisible Shopping Cart /
Invisible Bike - Almost Ran Over You
Invisible Bike - Almost Ran Over You /
Invisible Bike Crash
Invisible Bike Crash /

Check out more "Invisible LOL Cats" at I Can Has Cheezburger. (Warning: a few images have potentially offensive text in them.) Tomorrow: yet more LOL Cats!

UPDATE: By popular demand, see the ultimate "Invisible" image: "Invisible Everything" (from I Can Has Cheezburger).

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