Fun Stuff from '07: A Hangover Treat You Might Find Useful Tomorrow

Mangesh Hattikudur

Just to give you the scoop on the latest in ice cream trends, Neatorama linked to this hilarious idea for Pepto Bismol Ice Cream (I thought it was too brilliant not to post about). Using the old "spoonful of sugar" idea, the intrepid Fraser Lewry over at Blogjam concocted the treat to help get people through their morning hangovers. Amazingly, Lewry claims the stuff goes down pretty smoothly:

The taste? Actually, it's quite nice. The vanilla and sugar temper the metallic bitterness of the medicine, giving the end result a flavour not too dissimilar to black cherry. And as a hangover cure? Initial studies are encouraging, with no negative side-effects experienced as yet. A mild mid-week drinking session provided the first test, and while my cross-breed concoction certainly didn't eliminate the suffering altogether, the benefits did not go unnoticed.

Even so, I wouldn't expect Breyers or Dairy Queen to jump on the Pepto-bandwagon just yet! For the step-by-step recipe, be sure to click here.