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Ta-da! David Copperfield Tricks 17-year old Mugger

Mangesh Hattikudur

While thumbing through the mental_floss archives, I found this story that I'd completely forgotten about. Check it out!
According to CNN, one of the three muggers who attacked illusionist David Copperfield and his two assistants in April has been sentenced to two years in prison. Of course, the dazzling part isn't that the kid got time in the slammer. Instead, it's that Copperfield's assistants willingly forked over their cel phones and cash. The illusionist on the other hand stunned his armed thieves by turning out his pockets and showing them there was nothing in there. In the deposition the master magician revealed that he was actually carrying a cell phone, a passport and a fat wallet the whole time. Bravo, David Copperfield, bra-vo! Of course, there's no word in the deposition on exactly how he pulled it off (a magician never tells), but I'm guessing it had something to do with his puffy sleeves. Click here to read more.