For a gadget to stand out in 2008, it should be 1. portable, 2. environmentally-friendly, or 3. allow your existing gadgets to work together. Two out of three is even better.

Power from the sun is both hot and green, and now it's portable, too. The solar bags from Noon Solar are going to be an accessory to die for in 2008. One side of the bag is a weatherproof flexible solar panel, which fully charges in 6-8 hours in the sun, or somewhat more on a cloudy day. Just set your bag in a window while you're at work. The internal battery will hold a charge for several days. The interior features a voltage selector and a wall-charger adaptor so you can recharge your cellphone, iPod, or other gadgets wherever you are. You can't recharge your laptop yet, but they're working on it. Besides the working parts, the bags are made of naturally tanned and dyed leather and naturally dyed hemp cotton blend. The company has even tested the bags by taking them through airport security! Noon Solar has three styles of solar bags available. The 16x12x4 inch Logan Satchel is $412. You can also get the smaller Willow for $274, or the Cortland for $383.