Bar Talk

Jason English

I'm running a little behind today, so I've asked our good friend Brett Savage to guest host today's Friday Happy Hour and come up with a few questions for the audience.

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It also may have been the truly heroic amount of alcohol he had been consuming since my arrival, or maybe it was simply the comradely familiarity bred by proximity and circumstance. Either way, I was intrigued and more than happy to engage him further in conversation. "I didn't know that, no. That sounds like nine more than you would want," I sportingly replied. Creatively interpreting my sarcasm-laced response as expressed interest, he began to recount in hilariously vivid detail seven of the nine famed injuries. Two of them he didn't quite remember, but was fairly certain that they both resulted from motorcycle "incidents." I have never had the privilege of being concussed, so I couldn't add much to our tete a tete, but his story does prompt two questions:

1) What is the oddest thing a complete stranger has ever said to you at a bar? (Or office party, or anywhere else.)

2) Do you have any strange injuries you would like to share with the group, or have you heard about any strange injuries that happened to someone you know?