Every left-brained dude needs a right-hand man, so here's a salute to some notable bro-bro teams who rocked science...

Neil Armstrong & David Scott: '66 was a good year for the boys of Gemini 8--in March they headed for the moon and performed the first docking of two vehicles in space. Scott was about to be vetted as a moon-walker just like Armstrong, but a stuck thruster intervened and Mission Control ordered the duo's return. They reentered the earth's atmosphere and were plunged into the Pacific & the annals of bromance.

hpJames Watt & Matthew Boulton: it should have been all downhill after Watt improved upon the steam engine & isolated cooling steam from the main cylinder, but Watt's first investor went bankrupt and the future of the 20 horsepower engine was in jeopardy until Boulton--with all his factories and finesse--arrived, and pumping water from a mine was never the same.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker: a Muppet Labs Venus in Furs...recently confirmed in popularity over Spock (...and Kirk, surely)!

blackholeStephen Hawking, Kip Thorne & John Preskill: this last one is a favorite--a tripartite bromance that embraces high-stakes and black holes. It was Thorne and Hawking vs. Preskill, and the center of the debate was whether information could be retrieved from a black hole. Thorne & Hawking said no, Preskill said of course, and when Hawking conceded, he atoned by gifting his contender a copy of Total Baseball: the Ultimate Baseball Encyclopedia