6 Assorted Animal Adventures


So many readers enjoyed the post 5 Famous Felines, I thought you might like some stories of other famous animals. Here are six of them.

1. Stubby the Military Dog.

435Stubby.jpg /

Stubby returned home at the end of the war and became quite a celebrity. He was made a lifetime member of the American Legion, the YMCA, and the Red Cross. He lived at the Y and made recruiting tours for the Red Cross. When Stubby passed on in 1926, he was preserved and displayed with his medals at the Smithsonian Institution.

2. Bubba the Chemotherapy Fish

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The ammo-loading bear, the sportscaster monkey, and more, after the jump.

3. Tirpitz, the Swimming Pig of World War I

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4. Voytek, the Bear who Joined the Polish Army

434Voytek.jpg /

One of the soldiers happened to sketch a picture of Voytek carrying a large artillery shell in his arms, and this image became the symbol of the 22nd artillery transport, worn proudly on the sleeves of their uniforms ever afterwards and emblazoned on all the unit's vehicles.

After the war, Voytek enjoyed a hero's welcome in Scotland, where people were astonished to see him marching side-by-side with the soldiers he served with. Voytek spent the rest of his life at the Edinburgh Zoo, where he died in 1963.

5. Maggie the Sportscaster Monkey

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6. Timothy the Naval Tortoise

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