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Meet Our New Interns

Jason English

The new interns are here! The new interns are here! It's my pleasure to introduce Matt Soniak and Allison Keene. Their first assignment: sending me a picture and bio. So far, so good.

Matt Soniak I live in an ugly apartment between two bodegas in Philadelphia, where I blog about science, design websites and practice Tae Kwon Do. In my free time, I play guitar in a heavy metal band and take pictures of strange looking people and animals. There is a message board above my desk that simply reads "What Would Jon McPhee Do?" I think Bruce Springsteen is the most important man in the history of the world. If reincarnation is real, then I would like to be a polar bear in my next life.

Allison Keene I was born in the hinterlands of Georgia, raised as an over-achiever in parochial schools, and went on to lounge on the quad for 4 years at Emory University as an Unemployment Major (Creative Writing and Film). Against all odds, I now work for Creative Loafing, an alternative weekly based in Atlanta, where I am a proofreader, podcaster, and junior film critic. I enjoy long walks on the beach, ESPN, naps, and chuckling knowingly at New Yorker cartoons.

They'll be posting their inaugural mental_floss entries shortly. And let me give a round of applause to all the strong candidates. I'm going to be reaching out to some of you about other opportunities with mental_floss. Stay tuned.