More sign fun, and some Do Not Disturb variations


We've had our share of sign fun on this site, and we're still riding Ransom's recent sign post wave, so why not more? Signs of the most popular genus: "For Sale"; "Help Wanted"; "Beware of Dog" are, naturally, a dime a dozen, and we've all used them or can at least concede their usefulness. Then there are the weird signs, as mentioned by Higgins, rarer signs, the collectibles. My friend just got the best gift--a packet of vintage signs his mother-in-law picked up at a yard sale. They were bleached from sitting in the backseat of someone's '72 Shelby, the owner of which fortunately never found himself in a situation that merited an insert in the windshield such as "send POLICE" and "need PUSH."

The latter might be kind of cute, the former more foreboding; anyone who heeds a "send POLICE" sign is likely to find a rather marinated disaster, no?

My favorite mechanic always gives me a giant billfold that doubles as an all-caps, 24-pt SEND HELP insert. It's so fetching that I usually just leave it around the house for guests to stumble upon. SEND HELP. How disconcerting but so wonderfully straightforward? I know someone else who leaves one of these signs on her prayer alter, which seems apt.
And then there are the "Do Not Disturb" signs, which will either (if you're staying at the Sea World Holiday Inn Express--holla!) be completely ignored, or, sure, curt and effective. Though hopefully not disturbing. There has been a fair amount of silliness in the pursuit of spicing up "Do Not Disturb" signs, with results like:

  • "I'm Hittin' the Hay"--a Marriott in Louisville, KY
  • "Grrrr. Caution, you are entering the temporary habitat of a very special creature"--Kimpton Hotels of Chicago
  • "You Keep Knockin' But You Can't Come In." Little Richard-inspired; House of Blues in Chicago
  • "There's a Good Reason for You NOT to Knock Right Now"--Embassy Suites, who also ran their own DND sign contest; winners announced next month

So do you have a weird sign story, or have a sign you think should be in syndication? Or maybe you'd like to scoop the Embassy Suites contest results and tell us what you think the best Do Not Disturb sign should be...