Update: Not many people were in a link-submitting mood today. Let's make it worth your while. The 10th person to submit a funny/unusual/insane link to a news story, blog entry, YouTube video or random photo wins a free mental_floss t-shirt. The 25th person wins a free mental_floss calendar. The 50th person wins both. So think about a recent web story that made you laugh heartily and send it to flossylinks@gmail.com. Feel free to shamelessly promote something you wrote or uploaded. We'll take what we can get.

This weekend, we're debuting a wholly unoriginal but nonetheless enjoyable feature called 'The Weekend Links.' Just trying to keep you occupied until Monday. If you find something flossy we might enjoy, send it to flossylinks@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name/city so we can give you proper credit.

Also, people keep telling me about funny bumper stickers they've seen. If you see an amusing sticker and also have a camera, we'd love to see the picture (use the address above). But let's limit our photojournalistic adventures to parking lots. This is not worth changing lanes.

[Photo courtesy of Magician Rick Silver.]