Top headlines in your hometown


Even though I no longer live in the town where I was raised, I have its local newspaper saved in my bookmarks. The Record-Eagle of Traverse City, MI helped me become literate and gave me something to strive for: everyone wanted to be in the Record-Eagle--not for anything unsavory, surely (all those boring legal notices were saved for the free weeklies)--but maybe some bolded action on the high school sports page.

These days, I rarely check in on my old Record-Eagle, but that's mostly because I have some hometown friends who do that for me, forwarding me gossip that's way more satisfying than anything scooped by TMZ or its venal affiliates. Reading my hometown news is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes, the news I find there isn't explicitly regional; other times, the headlines seem begging to be scalped by Onion freelancers.

Just for fun, I thought I'd repost a few hometown headlines currently circulating:

I'd love to hear about what's pressing news in your hometown (and if you're from a big city, maybe there are some almanac-y neighborhood journals that would suffice)...