Notable People Named Louis

Jason English

We kicked off this series last Friday by listing Notable People Named Karen. Today, let's create the definitive list of people named Louis. (Or Lewis.)

The concept is pretty simple: If you know of a notable person with that name, leave a comment explaining why he belongs on our list. They need not be famous. Beloved teachers or old roommates or nice waitresses are all welcome. And we'll be back next week with a girly name that starts with 'm.' We're alternating boys and girls as we dance through the alphabet, like weatherpeople do with hurricanes.

Lots to choose from. Louis XIV, Louis Armstrong, Louis Vuitton.

But I'll start things off with some more obscure examples. Former New York Jets defensive lineman Lou Benfatti is probably my high school's most famous alum. At that same learning institution, Lewis Potters was one of my greatest teachers (as his 1996 Morris Knolls High School Teacher of the Year trophy would suggest). And Lou Harrsch is one of Hollywood's brightest young star executives. Write that name down somewhere. Or, you know, just bookmark this page.