130-Year-Old Pun Still Makes Us Chortle

Ransom Riggs

It's not every day that a 130-year-old joke makes me laugh for five minutes. It might be a new one to us here in the states, but the "bill stickers" pun is a golden oldie across the pond, where sarcastic vandals have been rallying for Bill Stickers' freedom ever since anti-bill signs (the British equivalent of "post no bills" notices elsewhere) started appearing everywhere in the 1960s. But the joke goes back even further, to at least the 1880s, when the London Graphic printed this:

"A countryman named William Stickers, flying to London to escape from rural justice, was appalled at reading on a wall: 'Bill Stickers Beware!' He went a little further, but reading again, 'Bill Stickers will be punished with the utmost rigour of the law,' gave himself up for lost and surrendered."

In any case, I'm not usually pun-loving person (heh, sorry), but this one really got me. Now here's the part of a post like this that I love: what's your favorite pun?