Required Viewing: People in Order

Chris Higgins

This week brings us a new occasional feature: Required Viewing. We'll highlight videos -- viral and otherwise -- that are particularly flossy. Please feel free to suggest videos if we miss something good!

In today's inaugural installment, we'll look at two videos from filmmakers Lenka Clayton and James Price. They're part of a series of four shorts called People in Order. From the IMDB page:

A series of 4 short films that arrange 471 people from around Britain according to 4 scales. 1. Age. A person of every age between 1 and 100. 2. Birth. 34 women from 4 to 41 weeks pregnant. 3. Love. 48 couples arranged by length of their relationship (in descending order). 4. Home. 73 households in descending order of yearly income (£400,000 - £3,240)

We came across online versions of the first and third films mentioned above. First, People in Order (Age, Ascending):

After the jump, see the film on Love.

People in Order (Length of Relationship, Descending):

More from Lenka Clayton and James Price: Conversation.