When Hollywood actually does call...


One of the major disappointments I suffered this week was realizing I'd never heard about "Hollywood is Calling"--the phone service where "you can have a real celebrity make a live phone call to someone you know for just $19.95." The correlative disappointment, being, of course, that I've never received such a call.

But! Now that I'm aware of its services, the next time I stumble upon any of their advertised occasions ("motivational call" or "just calling to say hi" but maybe not "thank you for the job interview"), I know where I'm turning. Sadly, it's a little harder to get them to call at an exact time:

The celebrity may call minutes after you place your order or they may call approximately 7 days later. It's entirely up to them and their schedule. They may call at any time day or night because they live in various time zones so it's important for you to make certain the answering machine is always on.

So here's what you've been waiting for: the directory of celebrities. (You might need a minute to recover.) Hmm...In lieu of actually calling on Mother's Day (a popular holiday for HIC), maybe I'll just have Mr. Belding check in on her. Anyone on this list you'd especially like to sic on someone?