Name This Column

Jason English

We're launching a new column next week. Think 'Feel Art Again,' but instead of focusing on famous paintings, the series will find fascinating facts about random foods. (Trust me, it'll be good. Allison Keene will be your host, with photos from Johanna Beyenbach.)

Problem is, the column needs a name. Got any ideas?

I wanted to reward the winner with a $20 shopping spree at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange (above), but that prize structure presents two problems. First, it's unlikely your hometown has a Manhattan Fruit Exchange. Second, I've been told it's illegal to mail food. (Even if we get all rebellious and ship it anyway, your prize could spoil or attract flies.) So instead of exotic pears and tasty blueberries, the winner will receive a free mental_floss t-shirt. That is, unless the winner happens to be in Manhattan and wants to exercise the free fruit option.

Start your guessing. We'll pick a winner on Friday.