I tend to be behind when it comes to technology. For this, I blame my parents, who, in 1985, were the absolute last ones in the neighborhood to get cable (anyone remember Prism?). Which is to say that my grandparent's dog was watching HBO before I was.

Disclaimer on the table, I hope I'm ahead of the curve here by introducing you to OdioGo, the company pushing the technology that converts typed words on the Web to audio, either streaming through a flash-based plugin, or directly to you iPod/mp3 player.

ADIOGO.jpgNow, while I understand that there are, of course, many benefits to listening to your favorite sites (like the _floss, for instance) -- especially for those with impaired vision "“ I, personally, prefer most of my online content text-based. That said, you simply must listen to this, if only for a good laugh. The excerpt on the play button below, spoken by Mr. Geekonastick (I presume), is from a story I "read" yesterday about a very interesting recent archeological find in Jerusalem. (Incidentally, when placing the plugin on your own Web site or blog, you can select the language Mr. Geekonastick reads in! They have everything from Arabic on up to Swedish there.)

So I ask: Is this the future? Do you want this man reading your content to you?

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