The Andy Kaufman of the Internet?

Ransom Riggs

Mark Erickson is professionally helpful: he's one of those guys who just knows so much about such a broad range of topics that he's compelled -- nay, destined -- to share his knowledge with the world. That's where his increasingly popular internet TV show, Infinite Solutions, comes in. His most popular episodes are probably computer-related (he's a geek, to be sure), like this one, which shows you how to get your YouTube subscriptions podcasted automatically to your iPod:

But Mark deals with all kinds of topics, not just tech-geek stuff. For instance, here he offers some analog-world advice about how to speed up your mail delivery (bet you didn't know this!):

It's not all gadgets and numbers, though -- for you homemakers out there, Mark's got an easy solution for fruits and veggies that go bad before you can eat them -- the old microwave trick! Watch:

At this point, you savvy Mental_Floss readers have probably realized something that a lot of Mark's YouTube commenters never do: none of this stuff works; it's pure hokum. So you're either thinking that this guy's a total idiot ... or some kind of genius. I fell into the latter camp -- especially after I saw this, Mark's guide to visiting New York City for under $100 a day:

So, is Mark a master of the absurd? The Andy Kaufman of the internet? (Or am I just easily entertained?)