On Tuesday, Higgins asked you to send us pictures of the oldest thing you own. Today, I'm begging.

We're trying to get a photo gallery feature off the ground. Since there was such a tremendous response to Higgins' original "What's the oldest thing you own?" entry, we figured that was a good place to start. So, we'd be forever grateful if you'd snap a picture of your oldest possession and send it our way. To submit your photos, send them via email to flossypics@gmail.com. Include your name (first name, full name, nickname, fake name you've always wanted to try — your choice), location, and a brief description. Then stay tuned for the gallery!

Now on to the weekly questions.

1) Got any other ideas for photo-submission topics? (If we ever use your idea, we'll send you a free t-shirt.)

2) What class best prepared you for your career?

3) With which fictional character -- literature, movies, TV, comic books, etc. -- do you have the most in common?

4) What's a food you wish you knew more about? (This is shameless research for our still-unnamed food column that starts next week.)

5) Has anyone you know ever appeared on a reality show? Were they portrayed fairly?