The Oldest Thing You Own: In Pictures

Jason English

On Tuesday, Higgins asked you to send us pictures of the oldest thing you own. Today, I'm begging.

We're trying to get a photo gallery feature off the ground. Since there was such a tremendous response to Higgins' original "What's the oldest thing you own?" entry, we figured that was a good place to start. So, we'd be forever grateful if you'd snap a picture of your oldest possession and send it our way. To submit your photos, send them via email to Include your name (first name, full name, nickname, fake name you've always wanted to try — your choice), location, and a brief description. Then stay tuned for the gallery!

Now on to the weekly questions.

1) Got any other ideas for photo-submission topics? (If we ever use your idea, we'll send you a free t-shirt.)

2) What class best prepared you for your career?

larrydavid.jpg /

4) What's a food you wish you knew more about? (This is shameless research for our still-unnamed food column that starts next week.)

5) Has anyone you know ever appeared on a reality show? Were they portrayed fairly?