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Allison Keene

"¢ My mom likes to talk about the "good ole days." But were they always so good? Here are 10 Creepy Old Ads to make you think twice before hopping into that time machine. (Thanks Janice from Atlanta)

"¢ Who was the Mona Lisa named after? Madd Zapper (are you a Zappa cousin?) sent in an article on this intriguing discovery.

"¢ Breann from Bloomington, Illinois, sent in this vintage link for Viking Kittens. If you haven't seen it before, give it a look. I can no longer hear the song without seeing bobble-headed kitties valiantly crossing a lake.

Our friends at YesButNoButYes have put together their Top Ten Trends for 2007. It really was a year for ugly fish, I'll give them that.

"¢ Brett Favre may soon lead the Packers to the Super Bowl, but did you know he was originally drafted by the Falcons? I happened to catch a guy wearing his Falcons jersey last week, and I wept openly. If you've spotted a ridiculous jersey, snap a pic and send it to Our own Ethan Trex runs a website called Straight Cash, Homey that aims to become the internet's #1 resource for pictures of people in Ryan Leaf-esque jerseys.

straight-cash.jpg /

"¢ This link on Ads vs Reality made me consider bringing my lunch from home. We know that advertisers use all kinds of tricks to make fast food look delicious, but imagine their campaigns if they stuck to the real thing. (Thanks Suzie from South of Boston for the link)

"¢ Parody songs are a genre I typically avoid, but this Harry Potter tribute song to the tune of "Hey Delilah" made me chuckle. Reader Erin says she most identified with the lyric, "Ohh what you do to me / even though I'm 33..."

"¢ Say whoa unto us, the television fan, for what cometh. With the ongoing writers strike, be prepared to be inundated by reality shows. Some will be good, some will be bad, and some will be about...Webster?

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"¢ Imagine a website where someone does a live performance of a Garfield strip, shows the strip, and then continues on to Garfield/Jim Davis-related fan abstraction pieces ... in all of its ridiculous, hilarious glory, it lives! (This one came from my co-worker Kevin, who keeps me very entertained.)

"¢ Wikipedia offers a list of U.S. College and University Endowments (only those over $1 billion need apply). Harvard wins with $34.9 billion. Emory, my alma mater, comes in with a paltry (ha) $5. What do schools do with these war-chests? Some are finally going to start spending.

"¢ Are you looking for new ways of self-promotion? Or perhaps you have trouble keeping your fan base aware of your latest trends? Here's an idea: Daniel Felton puts out an Annual Report. On himself. (Via

When Gilbert Arenas scores, he screams "Hibachi!" When Jack from Will & Grace gets excited he sometimes exclaims, "Sarah Jessica Parker!" What did an ESPN announcer cry out when Kevin Garnett scored on a dunk? Find out here, and see some other suggestions for the spontaneous invoking of names.

"¢ And finally, this shirt is not new, but it is hilarious...

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Let's end with a question: What's the greatest "“ and by greatest, I mean cheesiest "“ shirt you own?

I want to thank everyone who sent in links "“ keep 'em coming! You can reach me at (Feel free to send photos of your cheesy shirts, too.) Looking forward to hearing from you!

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