Weekend Genius Challenge #99... er, #16


It's Weekend Genius Challenge #16, but we've gone all the way up to ninety-nine this time around. We've extracted snippets from 12 songs that contain the word "ninety-nine" in their lyrics, and squeezed them together into one quick-shot medley. Your task? Identify the artists behind these 12 songs. Why the artist and not the song title? Well, not all of these were Top-40 hits, and they run the gamut from the 50s through the 00s, so we felt identifying the performers was a better challenge. (In at least one song in the medley, we imagine it will help immensely.)

So jot down the ARTISTS behind these 12 tunes. When you're done, add them in a single comment to this post, along with the size, style and design of T-shirt you'd like to receive. You'll win if you're the first to get all 12 correct (or the first to get more than anyone else). Here's the mp3 music file:

You may have to click twice to get the player to work, depending on your browser. You only get one crack at it, so make your guesses count! And yes, you can name the song titles too if you like, but it's the artist names that will determine who wins a T-shirt and who has to walk around topless.

The correct answers will be revealed early next week. Now sing with me: "Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer..."