Alter Egos


Some people think life at the floss is pretty glamorous, the journalistic equivalent of Indiana Jones' sexed up archaeology. My roommate told me the other day he likes to imagine that my internship is a lot like Charlie's Angels, which would make Jason the Bosley to my Sabrina Duncan (the smart, feisty one).

While I do occasionally wear a skimpy bikini and get in knife fights while writing my posts, my life has its boring, humdrum side, too. When I'm not bestowing the gift of trivia on you, dear reader, I work a day job assembling pre-packed meals at the local Whole Foods.

It's here in the humble grocery store kitchen that our story begins. The other day, I was vacuum sealing packages of crab cakes with a co-worker when conversation turned to what we do in the "real world." I told her about my budding writing career, and she informed me that she used to work in the White House as a policy writer for the Clinton administration. She left when Bush took office and decided to go to culinary school. Now she's our caterer and spends her day making crudité platters and making sure no one steals my apron when I go on my break. (A clean apron is more valuable than gold in the kitchen.)

This got me thinking. I know a lot of people who live a Clark Kent/Superman dual life. So I pose two questions: What's one fascinating thing about you that would shock your co-workers? OR Do you know anyone with an interesting alter ego?

Matt Soniak is our newest intern. (Well, he's tied.) You can learn lots more about him here, or read his own blog here.