Photo Challenge #1: Your "Pants"

Ransom Riggs

Due to overwhelming response to yesterday's call for photographers, we figured we'd better strike while the iron's hot and give you shutterbugs your first challenge right away! So here goes. It's your pants!

No, not your pants pants. (That would be too easy.) Watch this four-second clip from Ghost World, and then I'll explain.

"The pants" -- a discarded pair of jeans on the sidewalk -- show up three or four times in Ghost World. They're not exactly a major story point, but they illustrate that the characters in the film are the kind of people who would notice the weird incongruity of a never-moving pair of pants on the ground.

So what are "the pants" in your neighborhood? It doesn't actually have to be pants, of course -- maybe it's a mailbox shaped like a fish, or an especially weird bit of graffiti (for instance, someone has prominently spray-painted "Beat your children ... beat them hard!" on the side of a building near where I live) -- just something absurd and incongruous that only an astute observer with a flossy sense of humor would notice. Heck, I don't know; they're your pants!

Send photos of your "pants" to, and include any details you think might be important (especially your location) in the email. We'll also send out an email with this info in it to everyone who's already volunteered to be part of our photo army (in the future these calls to arms will mostly be sent via email). If you haven't already volunteered, it's not too late -- just leave a comment here, then grab your camera! We'll post the results next Monday, so you've got a few days to find your pants.