Jason English

"¢ When nobody was looking, the "I Read Mental Floss" Facebook group reached 1,000 members. That's quite a party. Let's see if we can hit the big 1,100.

"¢ Allison Keene's new food trivia column has a name. We're going with Troy's suggestion, "Dietribes." I also really liked "Readers, Digest!" But I dare not invite the litigious fury of the Reader's Digest Group. Troy, I'll be in touch about your free t-shirt (unless you're in Manhattan and want your prize in fruit). Virtual high-fives to everyone for all the great responses.

"¢ Keep sending us the quirky stuff you find online for The Weekend Links. Direct those messages to Allison at flossylinks@gmail.com. The 19th person to email her a link wins a mental_floss t-shirt. Starting...now.

"¢ If you want to join our freelance photographer army, read the post below this one (or click here). And if you've got a fascinating Flickr photo, make it eligible for our 'reader photo of the week' trophy* by tagging it "flossphotos."

*OK, there's not really a trophy. A stock photo of a trophy, perhaps.