Inspiring Images: FFFFOUND!

Chris Higgins

FFFFOUND! is a community-driven design resource, posting interesting images -- photos, graphic design, paintings, all kinds of stuff. Users can "save" photos (marking them as personal favorites), and the site then recommends images based on who saved which photos. It's a great way to get some design inspiration, or just browse awesome photos. By following the trail of related images you can find all kinds of wonderful stuff.

For example, let's say I like the photo below, labeled: "Team Work : Tunc Topcuoglu":

Looking at the image's page, I can see that twenty-three people saved it. The site recommends some more images, including this lovely picture labeled "suwaowa.log":

suwaowa.log /

After the jump we'll take two more hops down the visual yellow brick road.

The image above leads us to nopattern:

nopattern /

And then on to "Amazing Shadow Pictures with Just Shoes and Rain":

Shoes and Rain
Shoes and Rain /

And it just keeps going and going. Check out FFFFOUND!, read the About page, and enjoy! (Note: the provenance of these images is unclear -- let's hope FFFFOUND!'s cataloging counts as "fair use.")