If you live in California, Nevada, Arizona or Texas, you probably know all about the 99¢ Only Stores, where nothing is over 99¢, ever! It's a great place to pick up light bulbs, cleaning supplies, crackers, greeting cards, and office supplies, all for under a buck. But man-o-man are there some random, hilarious finds if you've got some extra time to kill.

Here are a bunch I spotted today:

1. Fear Factor Test Tube Acid Bath

From the package: Slimy gummy sharks and worms in sour ooze

Noteworthy: Never mind that Fear Factor has been off the air for a couple seasons now. An acid bath candy? Also on the shelf, I spotted Fear Factor Gummy Frog's Legs with crunchy candy bones.

IMG_3915.JPG2. Mag Sheath Magnetic Knife Holder

From the package: Frees your hands to reposition animal - No more stabbing knife in the dirt - It's like having a third hand!

Noteworthy: Hey, who could argue with a third hand for 99¢. But watch out! On the back the packaging warns: DO NOT WALK while using Mag Sheath and there's a man walking in the international circle for Do Not. Yikes!

IMG_3925.JPG 3. Not-So-Sloppy Joe
From the package: Naturally Fat Free Sloppy Joe Sauce

Noteworthy: Also printed on the jar: When you hold up a sloppy joe made with Not-So-Sloppy-Joe sloppy joe sauce, there are no drips. It's that rich and thick. Er, yum?

IMG_3919.JPG4. 'N Sync Magnets

From the package: Official Tour Merchandise

Noteworthy: I bought two 12-packs of these babies for under a buck. Foolish? Just wait until the reunion tour. I'll sell each individual magnet for the 99¢! Booyakasha!

IMG_3921.JPG 5. Professional Bull Riding Micro-Icons

From the package: Also comes with a PBR trading card
Noteworthy: This is one in a series. I had no idea PBR existed, or who J.W. Hart was until I saw this toy. I looked J.W. up online and discovered he's made $1,354,462.18 to date riding bulls. I guess when I make that much as a writer, I'll get my own Micro-Icon?

IMG_3933.JPG 6. Du-Rag Tiger Visor Rag
From the package: Distributed by J-Land "100% Polyester"

I see it says Item No. 2020 on the upper right hand corner of the package. You suppose that's why the model is bespectacled?

IMG_3935.JPG 7. Warning Sign

Okay, so this wasn't for sale (I asked), but you have to wonder if the 99¢ Only Store actually thinks the legal drinking age is 30 in California. I mean, clearly they don't know the difference between your and you're when they say "your buying alcohol," so...?

Have the equivalent of a 99¢ Only Store in your neck of the woods? What's it called? And what's the craziest thing you ever spotted there?