Four Celebrities You Wouldn't Expect to Testify Before Congress (but still did)

Jason Plautz

With baseball's steroids scandal hitting Washington, Roger Clemens is among the stars being asked to testify before Congress. If you're thinking that Congress maybe has better people to talk to than aging baseball legends, you're probably right. But that hasn't stopped them from inviting some decidedly non-political faces to meet with them. Here's a look at some other names you wouldn't expect to see on Capitol Hill.


Can you tell me how to get, how to get to K Street? In one of the more bizarre Congressional visits, the Muppet Elmo of Sesame Street and Tickle-Me fame spoke to the Education Appropriations Subcommittee to lobby for increased funding for school music programs. Dressed in a suit with a snappy red tie, Elmo appeared because he wanted to make sure that "when Elmo goes to school, there will be the instruments to play." A fellow lobbyist praised Elmo's appearance because it represented the feelings of children everywhere, but he did neglect to recognize that most children can speak independently and aren't controlled by wires.

Jewel Kilcher

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Kevin Richardson

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Christie Brinkley

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