Weekend Genius Challenge #17: Which Sandwich?


Being a genius is hard work. (I'm not saying that I'm a genius... it's a gimmick... just pretend with me.) As researchers and writers, my wife Kara and I spend long hours on the PC, at the library, at the bookstore, on the phone, and doing whatever else is necessary to find the information we need. As a result, we don't have time to cook three-course dinners, and we survive mostly by finding things to put between two slices of bread. You may know this as a "sandwich."

sandwich.jpg /

So for this Weekend Genius Challenge, we're asking you geniuses to help us expand our palate by telling us some of your favorite sandwich combinations. Don't give us anything fancy, now... if it's more than $10 a pound or requires more than three items, forget it! But please share with us the ingredients and preparations to make the sandwich, along with any stories you have about how you developed them. On Monday, we'll select a few entries and head out to the local grocery store to buy ingredients. And on Thursday*, we'll have a sandwichfest in our office and choose a winner (or two, since our tastes may differ) to receive a free mental_floss T-shirt.

That's all there is to it: comment to this post with your favorite sandwich, along with the size (small through XXL), style (mens or womens) and design of T-shirt that you'd like to receive.

Good luck, and thanks in advance for giving us options beyond deviled ham or sardines.

UPDATE: We've had to move up the date for our "sandwichfest" to Thursday... we're helping put the final touches on a new issue of mental_floss magazine, and had NO idea that 350+ of you would chime in! So give us a little extra time to sort through the responses, and tomorrow, we'll choose our winner!