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"¢ Next week, we're launching a lunchtime companion to Sandy & Kara's wildly popular daily quiz. The new mid-day quiz will be posted here on the blog every weekday at 11:30am EST. Your regular quizmasters will be Sandy Wood, Kara Kovalchik, David Israel, Jason Plautz and Brett Savage, with special appearances by Stacy Conradt, Ethan Trex, Chris Weber, Matthew Smith, Terry Fernandes, and promising newcomers Sara Newton, Brian McCarthy, D.J. Hipsher. And more!

"¢ Be a friend and help Allison Keene with The Weekend Links. Send your latest offbeat internet finds to flossylinks@gmail.com. The 13th and 31st people to write her win free mental_floss t-shirts. (Also, if you're a Flickr user and want your work considered for our 'reader photo of the week,' tag your pics 'flossphotos.')

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"¢ Speaking of winning stuff, what about an interactive pop-up tour of Graceland? (Details "“ plus a new hint "“ here.)

"¢ And this Friday and Saturday, we'll be offering an abundance of lists "“ 19, to be exact. The countdown begins with a quirky list of 10 items, then 9, and all the way down to 1. To stretch into the weekend, we'll snake around and head back up to 10. Get excited.