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Weekend Genius Challenge #17A: Like Sandwiches through the Hourglass...


Kara and I have had an impossible time picking a winner for our most recent Weekend Genius Challenge, where we asked you to chime in with your more unusual (but easy-to-make) sandwich concoctions. Here are three things I have to say to all of you sandwich-makers out there:

1. There are other flavors of jelly besides grape. 2. I'm not very happy to see that someone other than my grandfather eats fried bologna sandwiches. I've long been saving that as an excuse to say genetics make me "why I am the way I am." 3. Snack chips belong on the side of a sandwich, not on the sandwich itself. They may be tasty, but they sure make a lot of crumbs.

Reading the hundreds of recipes made us alternately ill and hungry. There was lots of "Why on earth would anyone put ________ on a sandwich?" (fill in the blank with "oatmeal," "condensed bean-with-bacon soup," and so on. Anyway, we've pulled ten of our favorites. We ask you to vote on which one you think is best, and we'll reveal a winner this weekend. Please vote by commenting to this post with the letter corresponding to your choice. Here they are:

A. ham, apple slices & melted cheese (toasted)
B. cheese, turkey & salsa (grilled)
C. peanut butter, bananas & chocolate chips
D. cheddar & sauerkraut (grilled)
E. corned beef, chopped liver, yellow mustard on rye
F. peanut butter, marshmallow fluff & bananas
G. cheese, pineapple & bacon (grilled)
H. deviled ham, cucumber & mayo
I. the skin from KFC & BBQ sauce on white bread
J. peanut butter, golden raisins & honey on an English muffin

Make your choice, and we'll tally the votes this weekend. (Remember, we must approve comments before they show up, so don't panic if it doesn't appear right away.) Thanks!