The Weird Week ending February 1st

Miss Cellania

Man Sets Station On Fire Over Playlist

24-year-old Paul Webster Feinstein has been charged with arson in the case of the February 5th fire at radio station KOOP in Austin, Texas. Feinstein was a volunteer broadcaster at the station. He told police he had become "very unhappy" over changes that had been made in the playlist of songs for his overnight internet show, "Mellow Down Easy". Feinstein had quit his job the week before. He returned Tuesday night and set two studios on fire after dousing the controls with gasoline. KOOP sustained an estimated $300,000 in damages.

150_bats.jpg /

Construction on two bridges in Port St. Lucie, Florida have to be halted for up to four months to accomodate a colony of 20,000 bats. The bats are not an endangered species, but are protected because of their role in controlling mosquitos.

"Bats make up 50 percent of the total mammal population of Florida, and each one eats 2,000 to 3,000 flying insects every night. Imagine what the mosquito population would be like without them," Friends of Bats' John Greenwood said.

Customs Seize Headless Rats Destined for London Restaurants

A routine inspection of a shipment of synthetic hair turned up 340 kilograms of headless rats at Tilbury Docks in London. The giant cane rats were smuggled in from Ghana to be served at restaurants catering to African immigrants. The rats, which had been smoked, are considered a delicacy in Ghana.

Women Receive Bra Equality

Asda, a British subsidiary of Wal-Mart, has announced that they will no longer charge more for larger bra sizes in their line of George fashions.

"We're putting an end once and for all to one of the last prejudices -- that of the bigger-busted woman," said brand director Fiona Lambert in a statement.

All bras, from A cup to F cup, will now be sold at the same price.

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Britain's first playground for people over age 60 has opened in Manchester. The specially-designed equipment provides not only fun, but movement and exercise to benefit the elderly.

Residents' association chairman Joan FitzGerald said: "When we tested it all the people we took in were over 70 and I have never heard so much laughing. I believe you are never too old to play and this also helps keep you fit."

The playground is next to a children's playground, so children can watch their grandparents having fun.