"¢ It's Super Bowl time! Here are some lamentably familiar personalities to avoid when sending invites for your party. And as we are reminded in this vintage piece from Page 2, the Super Bowl can in fact kill you.

"¢ The candidates aren't talking a great deal about education, but bow howdy here's an example of why they should. (Courtesy of 'Conventional Stupidity')

"¢ There may be an Arrested Development movie in the works. (The Jason Bateman show, not the people who brought you "Tennessee.")

"¢ The Truth may be Out There, but so far we haven't been able to find it concerning these science mysteries. (Thanks, Freezair)

"¢ We've posted about double dipping this week, but here's another take on the debate from the Wall Street Journal (Thanks to Jason's lovely wife Ellen)

"¢ I don't know about you guys, but I for one have always wanted to rule my own country "“ preferably on a nice, warm island somewhere. Here are some people who've done it, and the histories of their oft questionable dominions. (Thanks to Nanette from Cape Town)

"¢ In their desire to make crayon colors increasingly nuanced, Crayola has introduced shades like "inch worm" and "antique brass." I for one don't know how many times I've been frustrated beyond belief that the color "magic mint" was retired (mint magic? really?). See the evolution of the Crayola color wheel here.

"¢ Ever wondered how spy gadgets work?

"¢ Haute couture is often so art-driven that its practicality is sometimes lost. Judge for yourself here in a showcase of world (or interplanetary) fashions. Also ... is that third model Tom Brady?

"¢ Beer. It has its own bowl, it has its own hat, and it has more flavors and uses than one can hardly dare imagine. (Thanks as always to Jan from ATL, who keeps me in business)

"¢ Obligatory mention of the "I Read Mental Floss" Facebook group.

"¢ Whoa whoa whoa ... (1) there was a Gladiators 2000 (which apparently I missed) and (2) Ryan Seacrest was involved? (via TVTattle)

"¢ There's something about this video Lisa sent in that is haunting and poignant (be sure to turn up your speakers!) even though it involves a chocolate easter bunny.

"¢ Everyone enjoys good satire, and Jane from New Jersey has reminded us of our favorite de-motivational site, Despair.com. Their BitterSweets are perfect for anyone who thinks being happy is overrated.

"¢ What does your phone number spell? This site sent in by Breann from IL might help you figure out a snazzy way for people to remember your digits. Part of a number I tried came out "Me-4-Me," which sounds like a vanity plate. Moreover, I should be wary that T.O. might be looking to trademark it.

"¢ And in the 'reader photo of the week' department, let's celebrate the work of parkesmj, who submitted these photos from New Zealand:



If you're a Flickr user, simply tag your pics you'd like us to consider "flossphotos." And stay tuned for Ransom's next project with his freelance photographer army.

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