Weekend Genius Challenge #18: The Shadow Knows


UPDATE: We have a winner, whose name will be announced just prior to the next Weekend Genius Challenge on Saturday, February 9. Thanks for playing!

The fact that it's Super Bowl Weekend has overshadowed (pun intended) the notion that it's also Groundhog Day. Lest our furry forecasting friends get lost in the shuffle, we offer this Weekend Genius Challenge: We took the words "GROUNDHOG DAY" and found as many last names as we could using those letters. Twenty of those are listed below. Your job? Fill in the corresponding first names (using any letters of the alphabet).

Hints as to the names we're looking for? Hmmm... Some are real people, some are fictional. You'll find at least one golfer, songwriter, explorer, sitcom character, pro wrestler, survivor, congressman, sculptor, comic-book character, and quarterback. And that's all you'll get from us! Beyond that, use your smarts, and see if you can match the names that we came up with. The one who comes closest will win a mental_floss T-shirt of his or her choice!

Remember, the first names can use ANY letters of the alphabet. Here we go:

1. ________ Yuro 2. ________ Doohan 3. ________ Huard 4. ________ Gordon 5. ________ Nardo 6. ________ Roddy 7. ________ Grogan 8. ________ Young 9. ________ Hardy 10. ________ Dorough 11. ________ Grundy 12. ________ Hogan 13. ________ Grady 14. ________ Dragon 15. ________ Houdon 16. ________ Gaynor 17. ________ Norgay 18. ________ Dugan 19. ________ Grandy 20. ________ Hugo

The usual rules: One entry per person, please place all your answers in the same comment, and also include the style, type and size of T-shirt you'd like to win as a prize. And remember, your comments don't show up until we review and release them, so if they don't pop up right away, you know why.

Good luck! And please have fun and be safe this weekend. Don't trip over any groundhogs.