Pee Standing Up ... for the Earth!

Ransom Riggs

When it comes to public restrooms, we dudes have long been aware of the advantages we enjoy: shorter lines and not having to touch any of the bathroom's actual hardware being two standouts. But now we can add a third to that self-righteous list: while urinals have always used less water than conventional toilets, a new line of super-low-flow urinals from Zurn is taking those savings to a whole new level. Instead of wasting nearly a gallon per flush, Zurn's ultra-low-consumption line come in both pint-flush models and entirely waterless models -- a savings of about 30,000 gallons per urinal, per year. (Seeing as how more than a billion people in the world don't have regular access to clean water, that sounds like a pretty good thing.)

i've seen a few of these waterless urinals in action, and honestly can't see any disadvantage to using them. Given the potential monetary savings businesses would enjoy from lower water bills (not to mention that warm, fuzzy, helping-the-Earth feeling), why aren't these everywhere now? In Los Angeles, at least, they're definitely not common -- how about in your town?

Link via Ecogeek.