I started blogging for the _floss one year ago today, so I thought I'd share my first blog post ever: Advertising, Remixed.

Ever get the feeling that corporate slogans are just random combinations of words? Even famous slogans like "I'm lovin' it," "Just Do It," and "Mikey likes it" seem suspiciously like random gibberish when viewed out of context. Perhaps there's a crack advertising team sitting in front of a screen somewhere, watching as random words float by, picking the best ones for their corporate slogans....

The Ad Generator - Fly BetterRegardless of whether a secret Random Advertising Cabal exists, there are several online resources to explore the strange world of random advertising. Designer Alexis Lloyd created The Ad Generator: an online "generative artwork" that remixes real advertising slogans and overlays them on Flickr images, creating a series of funny, strange, touching, and occasionally brilliant advertisements. Tip: it's a hit at parties.

If The Ad Generator isn't random enough, try The Advertising Slogan Generator, which allows you to input a word or phrase and generate slogans on the fly. (See also: Sloganizer.net, Slogan Generator.)

Update: here are a few more favorites from The Ad Generator, which is still running.

The Ad Generator - Do The Experience

The Ad Generator - Living Forward