Our Super 'Super Tuesday' Giveaway

Jason English

To help kill time before the polls close, we've decided to hold our own Super Tuesday contest. Five winners will receive copies of Anything For A Vote: Dirty Tricks, Cheap Shots, and October Surprises in U.S. Presidential Campaigns. Here's how to play:

1. Use The Wayback Machine to find a nostalgic/quirky/embarrassing political website from a previous election cycle. When leaving your comment, paste the political site's Wayback Machine URL in the field marked 'Website.' (That's the only way to sneak comments past our anti-spam forces.) Below I've listed a few examples.

2. We'll take screenshots of your suggestions and announce the winners later this week. Our five favorites win the book. We toyed with the idea of letting people vote, but that might be too much democracy for one book giveaway.

Any questions?

dole-kemp-1996.jpg /


bill-bradley-2000.jpg /


recall-gray-davis.jpg /
mccain-2000.jpg /


draft-wes-clark.jpg /


romney2002.jpg /


gore-2000.jpg /


Looking forward to seeing what you guys dig up. Don't feel limited to high-profile elections. If you find a crazy campaign site for a deputy mayor or sophomore class president, point us the way.