If you've never had an "I knew him when" moment, today you're going to meet a singer/songwriter who you'll soon be able to brag about. His name is Yoav. He was born in Israel, grew up in Cape Town, and lives in London now. I became friends with Yoav when we were both living in Brooklyn, when he was still playing CBGBs.

Last month he finished a coast-to-coast tour opening for Tori Amos "“ just Yoav and his guitar, no band. But as you'll hear when you get to know his music, he needs no band. His debut album, Charmed & Strange, came out last week and you'll have ample opportunities throughout this post to hear some excerpts. The most amazing thing about the album: every sound is created or generated by Yoav on the guitar, including the percussion and bass.

Check out my exclusive interview with him in the video below and watch as he demonstrates his unusual approach to the guitar. And there's a whole lot more after the jump, so click on through.

Yoav demonstrates his chops in the studio

Official "Club Thing" Video

"Club Thing" excerpt:

To download a free mp3 of Yoav's track "Adore Adore" go to www.amplified.com/yoav and enter access code: DiscoverYoav

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