An Amazing Announcement

Jason English

In the past, when you craved a few amazing facts, I'm really not sure what you did. You probably had to read entire articles. Or skim, at least. And in our fast-paced, post-Y2K world, you don't always have that kind of time.

But today that all changes. I'm proud to introduce The Amazing Fact Generator.

Need a few fascinating facts to get you through a meeting? IM chat going nowhere? Looking for a quirky email signature? We've got you covered.

"¢ Elvis Presley's hair was naturally a dirty blond color. He first dyed it in 1957, hoping to emulate his Hollywood idol, actor Tony Curtis.

"¢ The longest jellyfish on record measured 160 feet, more than half the length of a football field.

"¢ Pope John Paul II was the first papal Harlem Globetrotter. The team made him an honorary member in 2000 during a visit to the Vatican.

And hundreds more. While you're getting your Amazing Fact fix, you can also share your own. Either use the 'Submit A Fact' button, or email If your fact is deemed sufficiently Amazing (and true), we'll add it to the generator, attributed to you. Just the kind of glory you want greeting ex-boyfriends and girlfriends when they're Googling your name.

Now go play around with The Amazing Fact Generator, and let us know what you think.