Jason English

"¢ Our 'Super Tuesday' political website scavenger hunt is being extended through the rest of this week. Allison will announce the five winners in The Weekend Links.

"¢ Speaking of The Weekend Links, be sure to feed Allison your best recent web finds. Email her at flossylinks@gmail.com. The 20th person to email a link this week wins a free mental_floss t-shirt. (Our latest winner is Eileen Dominic. We'll be in touch!)

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"¢ This Saturday and Sunday, we're holding the first mental_floss College Weekend. Stacy Conradt will be serving as your College Weekend Editor. She and a team of student writers are busily whipping up stories and quizzes right now. Can't wait to see what these crazy kids come up with.

If you'd like to participate in a future College Weekend, we'll post those details on Saturday.

"¢ And let me apologize again for all the technical difficulties we've been experiencing lately. New servers have been ordered and should be in place soon. Bear with us a few more days.